Welcome to Bike Gearz, the Bike Parts and Accessories Inventory Challenge!

This challenge is designed to simulate the inventory management of a Bike Workshop using recent LAMP stack tech inspired in the context of the cycling industry.

Technology Stack

  • Frontend: HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript + Npm + Bootstrap 5.3
  • Backend: PHP 8.2 + Symfony Framework 6.3
  • Database: MySQL 5.7
  • Version Control: Git + GitHub
  • Hosting: Digital Ocean Cloud + Ubuntu 20.04

How It Works

Registration: Sign up to interact with the application and gain access to the bike parts and accessories inventory dataset.

Purpose: This application is inspired by real-world scenarios and influenced by a self-passion for the cycling world.

Data Management: For achieving CRUD operations, the app combines OOP with the MVC pattern and Symfony's framework toolset to speed up its creation and achieve data management of bike parts and accessories.

Thank you for this opportunity, and happy cycling !